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Landing Gear BACK

OMS 100 RK


Dynamic Lift Capacity
4 Ton
Static Lift Capacity
12 Ton
Max Rotating Force
140 N
Low Gear
High Gear
7,5 mm / rev
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OMS100-RK REMORQUE SERIES features are as follows
  • External and internal tubes made of 4mm thickness St52 grade steel pipe and extremely resistant.
  • Only available with 10Otype of top back plates.
  • Foldable crank handle does not require extra space when not in use.
  • Specially designed gear mechanism allows 11.25 mm/rev at low gear and 1.0 mm/rev at high gear.
  • By long lasting and sturdy special alloy gears it lifts 4 tons dynamic and carries 12 ton static loads.
  • Ultimate paint technology is applied. Elektro static powder prime and final coating gives excellent paint performance.
38°33'21.7"N 34°37'13.9"E