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The History of OMS

At the estabilisment date of 1968, the OMS commenced as Ozgurler Millling to meet after market needs and demands as well as trailer manufacturers. Today under the OMS name, it is one of the leader companies in its field.  It has a tradition of success based on flexibility, technical know-how, entrepreneurial action and a close relationship with its employees.

As the expectations of the end users and trailer manufacturers for supplier performance become increasingly exacting and our customers rightly demand defect-free, reasonably priced products and -services throughout Turkey-. Our products and services offer high quality and reliability in order to maintain the competitiveness.

In 1983, our company completely committed in continuously manufacturing of trailer landing leg. Since that date up to today, the OMS is now well known in 5 continents.  Due to well established company structure in Turkish market, in over 30 years since it was founded the OMS has grown continuously and now boasts a tremendous market share in Turkey and in other countries/regions like Middle East, Russia, North Africa, EastEurope etc.

The Company is based in Nevsehir, which is a central city of fantastic Cappodoccia  region in Turkey. Since 2004, company continuous its manufacturing at the new premises which is located Organize Sanayi  Bölgesi 14. Blok  /  Nevşehir in TURKEY. Today,  At this premises OMS is able to offer the best quality commercial trailer landing jacks, king pins and container twist locks. The OMS believes that costumer satisfaction is its happiness. Hence, OMS had TUV ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2005. Additionally, as a result of continous improvment OMS gained CE certificate for landing legs and “e” certificate for king pins in 2007.

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